Wrap Around Services

In addition to meeting the critical need of providing families with a safe, comfortable and affordable home, HIP provides family-focused wraparound services and supports designed to equip the families with the tools for self-sufficiency and prepare them for success after they transition out of HIP housing. These supports include a case manager who works closely with the families throughout their time in HIP housing as they identify and achieve goals related to employment, money management, education and job training, parenting and child development. The case manager coordinates the additional services available to families to help them progress, including:

  • A licensed counseling psychologist with specialized expertise in career development who provides individualized career counseling to HIP clients as they seek, secure and advance in family-supporting careers
  • One-on-one money management and credit improvement assistance, including credit analysis and an action plan, budget counseling, automated bill payment set-up and monitoring, financial education, and tax preparation assistance
  • Financial assistance in accessing post-secondary degrees and certifications to address costs not covered by scholarships and grants, such as textbooks and test fees
  • Family-focused services to ensure the children living in HIP housing are thriving, including guidance to parents in advocating for their children in their schools, tutoring and mentoring, summer camps, theatre tickets, sports and other extracurricular activities, dependent upon the children’s interests
  • Guidance in identifying and applying for the full range of area affordable housing options
  • Connections to area food pantries at partner organizations to ensure that they have access to nutritional food

Moving Assistance [HIPCT family]

HIPCT families transitioning to permanent housing may incur expenses in order to move into their new residence.  Moving costs can hinder a family from exiting the HIPCT unit on schedule and getting settled in their new home.  HIPCT will consider paying moving costs on a case-by-case basis for moving within the geographical radius that HIPCT serves.  Eligible costs may include:

  • Truck rental
  • Hired labor
  • Utility turn-on fees
  • Storage for 30 days
  • Packing boxes or bins (if donation or in-kind is not available)
  • Maximum per family $700.00

Our lives are back on track and life is good. If it had not been for you, HIP and God, I’m not sure where we would be today.

Cheryl, HIP Client