Rental Assistance

Because of this program my family and I were able to get back on our feet and enjoy life again.

Petrina, HIP Client

Housing Initiatives of Princeton Charitable Trust

Rental Assistance Program

Housing Initiatives of Princeton Charitable Trust’s (HIPCT) mission includes assisting families in evading homelessness and locating permanent affordable housing.  In these efforts, we recognize that some very-low and low-income families who live from paycheck to paycheck may not have the funds required to obtain or maintain permanent housing when needed.  Following are two categories of assistance HIP may offer for qualified families.

Security Deposit Assistance

Most landlords require one and one-half or two month’s rent to be paid by tenant before moving into a permanent rental unit.  The up-front funds required can derail the family’s efforts, even if they can afford to pay the monthly rent.

HIPCT will consider paying the security deposit for families who reside in the Princeton area and who meet the following criteria:

  • Pre-screened by landlord including demonstrated ability to make ongoing rent payments (those who do not have adequate income in comparison to their expenses, and/or would need on-going assistance would not be eligible)
  • Must provide HIPCT documentation of income and current expenses
    • Employer payment stub
    • Applicant’s self-declared expenses (e.g. utilities, loans, auto, daycare, etc.)
  • Must provide a copy of lease to HIPCT
  • Maximum available $1,500
  • Payment made payable to Landlord
  • Eligible for this service once in two-years

Eviction Prevention or Emergency Rent Payment

A very-low or low-income family in the Princeton area who is experiencing a financial crisis and at risk of becoming homelessness may be considered for one-time assistance.  Eligibility requirements are:

  • Resides in the Princeton area
  • Has received eviction notice or has been notified it is imminent
  • Proof of financial hardship (e.g. terminated employment, medical emergency, automobile repairs for work/school, etc)
  • No more than two month delinquent
  • Payment is made to landlord
  • Demonstrates ability to pay monthly rent in the future
  • Maximum per family $1,000

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