Housing Stability Coalition

Housing Stability Coalition Overview

 Why we got started

There are a number of Housing Assistance Programs in the Princeton area that assist families in need of housing, at-risk of eviction or who are homeless with housing stability supports. There were uncoordinated intake systems that caused challenges for providers and consumers. Families with housing crises ended up going to multiple agencies that could not serve them before they got to the one most appropriate for their needs. The most common flaws that uncoordinated intake systems have are:

  • Each agency may have separate and duplicative intake forms or requirements which can slow down families’ receipt of assistance
  • Each interaction with an agency opens up a need for data entry
  • Extra staff, time, and money are spent doing intake and assessment, taking time away from other, more housing-focused tasks such as case management, housing location, and landlord negotiation


 To address state of homelessness in our communities beyond the definition of “homelessness” as defined by our county/state government agencies, funders, etc.

  • To be informed and be effective advocates when addressing the realities and challenges of housing stability and access to affordable housing
  • To streamline a process for intake and information sharing for organizations addressing housing issues first hand
  • To explore models and best practices to engage clients in job and financial literacy and coaching (particularly in Princeton as these efforts are primarily happening through volunteers, not as established as Trenton)

HIP helped my children thrive in their education in a safe environment.  Thanks for making me realize that I could change a bad situation into a good one.  Without your help I wouldn’t have achieved the financial help I needed to be better for my children.

Tiana, HIP Client